We assist clients with business acquisitions, mergers, sales and purchases of businesses.

We assist clients through proper tax planning to legitimately reduce the tax consequences or increase the tax benefits resulting from numerous transactions such as: charitable and other gift giving; estate planning; divorce; buying, selling, and exchanging real estate; forming entities; buying and selling businesses; dividing corporations and other entities; partnership transactions; and, benefit distribution planning.

We represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service, the Tax Court, and before various Virginia courts and agencies, such as the Virginia State Corporation Commission, Unemployment Commissions, and the Virginia Department of Taxation, including income and sales tax issues.

We have worked with clients to analyze, negotiate, acquire, or sell interests in diverse businesses such as: radio stations, employment and temp agencies, hotels and motels, computer retail stores, software development, technology development, real estate contractors and developers, nursing homes, funeral homes, consulting firms, wholesale beer and wine distributors, wholesale tobacco distributors, furniture stores, employee placement businesses, health care providers, retail, and numerous similar transactions.

Our accounting background coupled with our legal training, experience, and expertise allow us to better serve our clients from the beginning of a transaction through closing and thereafter.

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